You Get More With Hodges Rebrand Video

The latest in our series of monthly update videos for Hodges Real Estate Cranbourne was a little different. Hodges has recently rebranded and director Ben Doughton was keen to showcase the new branding and what Hodges stands for. The video was filmed in one of Hodges Cranbourne’s listed properties. We captured footage of their new marketing materials and signage to illustrate Ben’s presentation to camera about how Hodges Cranbourne give more to their clients, and create awareness of the new brand.

I created an animated introduction to engage the viewer straight away, especially important as the video was used as a native Facebook video which autoplays in followers’ feeds. I also created motion graphics for the end, animating their tagline “You Get More with Hodges”. Hodges branding was also emphasised throughout with the use of a logo “bug” in the corner of the screen and “lower third” banners, reinforcing Ben’s message.

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