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Promo Videos for Chaos to Calm Consultancy

Last year we produced two promo videos for Chrissie Davies who runs Chaos to Calm Consultancy. Her business helps teachers and parents with practical strategies for behaviour management, and advises on relationship building for families to help them restore harmony in their lives. As she has two distinct target audiences, families and educators, we have produced a video targeted at each audience.

These videos were a delight to make, Chrissie is a remarkable lady and very natural in front of the camera. We recorded her piece to camera for each video at the same time, using an interview style technique and the result is a natural and authentic video. We recorded some footage of her interacting with children, running a workshop for teachers, during a group session with parents and also a private consultation, to give prospective clients a view on her work and build trust with her audience, and we intercut this with her piece to camera. When we put together the promo video aimed at parents, Chrissie wanted to use a video testimonial from a satisfied client, so we inserted this into the video to give a little social proof.

Teacher Video

Parent Video

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