Commercial for Startabiz Web Design

We recently produced this commercial for Startabiz Web Design and founder James Gatward. James wanted to highlight the trust element of his business, and also the friendly, local and approachable nature of Startabiz and his small team.

He wanted to empathise with potential clients who may have had bad experiences with a web designer and to tell his audience that it doesn’t have to be this way, that he and his team listen and care. This was emphasized by adding a client testimonial and addressing the pain points of his potential clients.

The video marketing strategy for this was very in depth, assessing his target market and what is important to them. A vibrant buzzing cafe was chosen for the location, to show that Startabiz isn’t stuffy, but is down to earth and accessible.

James was keen to incorporate a timelapse, and some footage of the local area to show a strong connection to Melbourne.

James shared his video on social media with the following praise: “Lotti Kershaw is a genius, a professional and has the patience of a saint. An incredibly well shot and structured video and I couldn’t be happier. Get Lotti in your life and watch your business come to life!”



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